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Currently, the shophouse model is considered an attractive type of real estate for investors. It not only serves for residential purposes but also brings great efficiency for personal business purposes. To be able to design and construct a shophouse that fully serves both living and business purposes, you need to understand the basic elements of an international standard shophouse as well as find a professional construction team.

What are the characteristics of a shophouse?

Shophouses are easy to distinguish from other types of townhouse architecture because they have distinctive features, including:

  • Built and designed as a row of interconnected houses on the same street or road.
    Shophouses are low-rise.
  • The frontage is not very wide but has a long depth.
  • Shophouse owners will use the ground floor for business and the upper floors for family activities.
  • Shophouses must have a veranda at the front.
  • Adjacent shophouses often have similar architecture and style.

Thi công shophouse

Some great advantages of Shophouse

Shophouse, although only appeared in the 19th century, was quickly accepted and popularized due to its extremely great advantages. Let’s explore with LEXFAS the absolute advantages that make Shophouse attractive to many investors who want to own it.

Beautiful location: This is one of the first advantages to mention about Shophouse. Because all Shophouse construction projects are in large, bustling urban areas, transportation is convenient in densely populated areas.

Convenient for business: Moreover, in these areas, the standard of living is also higher than average, so having a storefront here is a major advantage in business operations.

High quality of life: The quality of life will certainly be high as easy access to services in the urban area along with a clean, beautiful, and airy green space.

Thi công shophouse

Shophouse interior design: The exterior spaces of the building are all completed uniformly without many differences. Therefore, the interior space design is what homeowners are aiming for. When the construction is handed over without furniture, the owner will immediately want to renovate it to use according to their own preferences and business needs. Shophouse interior design will meet the owner’s desires for space installation, painting, gypsum walls, open spaces, etc.

Planning for Shophouse construction at LEXFAS

To plan for the Shophouse construction at Lexfas, we will carry out the following steps:

Site survey: Lexfas engineering team will conduct a site survey to evaluate factors such as area, layout, terrain, location, surrounding environment, and other barriers.

Architectural and structural design: After the site survey, Lexfas engineers will design the architecture and structure of the Shophouse to ensure rationality, beauty, convenience, and safety for customers.

Construction planning: Based on the design and site survey, we will make a detailed construction plan regarding the timeline, resources, and budget to ensure the project’s progress and quality.

Steel structure production: The steel structure of the Shophouse will be produced at Lexfas factory with advanced production process and modern machinery, ensuring quality and saving construction time.

Transportation and installation of steel structures: When the steel structure is completed, it will be transported to the construction site and installed according to the design. The installation process will be conducted quickly and accurately to ensure stability and safety for the Shophouse.

Thi công shophouse

Finishing furniture and equipment: After the steel structure is installed, the interior and equipment items such as doors, stairs, floors, walls, ceilings, electrical and water systems will be completed.
Inspection and handover: Finally, Lexfas engineers will conduct a thorough inspection of all items and hand over the store to the owner.

During the construction process, Lexfas will regularly update progress and report to customers. You should contact the engineering team and experts at Lexfas for the best advice and support.

Why choose Lexfas as your shophouse construction partner?

Experience and expertise: Lexfas is a company specialized in designing and constructing shophouses with many years of experience in the construction industry. Our team of engineers and workers are highly skilled and experienced in working on large-scale projects.

High-quality products: We are committed to providing customers with high-quality shophouse products that are designed and produced to international standards.

Time and cost savings: With our advanced production process and modern machinery, we can save time and costs for customers. Additionally, we also commit to ensuring efficiency and cost savings for customers during the construction process.

Professional consulting services: We provide professional consulting services and support customers from planning and design to construction and product delivery. We will enjoy the benefits of supporting customers throughout the shophouse construction process.

Safety commitment: We always ensure safety for employees, customers, and the environment during the construction process. We use advanced equipment and technology to ensure safety throughout the shophouse construction process.


We hope that the above sharing will be helpful to readers when choosing a shophouse construction partner. If you need shophouse construction services, please contact Lexfas through the following information for free consultation.


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