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The pre-engineered steel restaurant is a popular choice among many developers due to its numerous outstanding advantages, such as cost savings, fast construction, and low labor usage. Therefore, investing in a pre-engineered restaurant always saves more money and can be put into operation quickly. Let’s explore detailed information about pre-engineered steel restaurant design with Lexfas in the article below.

What is pre-engineered steel restaurant design?

Pre-engineered steel restaurant design is the process of creating plans, drawings, and construction solutions for a restaurant that utilizes pre-engineered steel as the main structural system to support and protect other parts of the restaurant.

The pre-engineered steel restaurant is built by using sturdy pre-manufactured steel frames, which are then assembled at the construction site. The pre-engineered steel frames are designed to increase flexibility and efficiency in installation and construction, minimizing construction time and costs compared to traditional structures.”

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The process of designing a beautiful steel frame restaurant includes the following steps:

Requirements determination: This is the first and most important step in the design process. At this stage, the customer’s requirements for the area, number of guests, design style and other requirements will be identified.

Architectural design: After identifying the requirements, the architect will create architectural drawings, including different parts of the restaurant such as the dining area, kitchen area, restroom, and other amenities.

Structural design: After completing the architectural design, the structural engineer will create structural drawings, including details of the pre-engineered steel frame, columns, beams, foundation, and other parts of the restaurant.

Material and equipment selection: After completing the structural design, materials and equipment will be selected to meet the project requirements.

Mechanical and electrical system design: After completing the above steps, mechanical and electrical engineers will design mechanical and electrical systems, including electrical, water supply, and wastewater treatment systems.

Assembly and construction: Finally, pre-engineered steel frames and other components will be assembled and constructed at the site.

The design of a pre-engineered steel frame restaurant has many advantages, including saving time and construction costs, flexibility and ease of assembly and construction. In addition, pre-engineered steel structures have good load-bearing properties and ensure the durability and safety of the construction.

Why choose Lexfas for pre-engineered steel frame restaurant design?

There are several reasons why you should choose Lexfas for pre-engineered steel frame restaurant design, including:

Experience and expertise: Lexfas has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing pre-engineered steel frames, as well as constructing restaurant projects. The team of engineers and staff at the company are all experts in the field of restaurant construction, with knowledge and skills to advise you on design and project approach.

Quality materials and equipment: Lexfas uses high-quality imported materials and equipment, ensuring the durability and safety of your restaurant project.

Flexible and diverse design: Lexfas can design and manufacture a variety of pre-engineered steel frame restaurants in terms of style, size, and function, meeting the needs and requirements of each customer.

Professional after-sales service: Lexfas is committed to providing excellent after-sales service, ensuring customer satisfaction and trust in the company’s products and services.

Competitive prices: Lexfas provides products and services at competitive prices, meeting the needs of customers with affordable prices.

With the above reasons, choosing Lexfas is a good and reliable choice for designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame restaurants.

LEXFAS is a reputable company for constructing and designing beautiful pre-engineered steel frame restaurants

Choosing a company to design and construct pre-engineered steel frame restaurants depends on many different factors, including the experience of the company, the team of professional engineers and staff, the quality of materials and equipment, after-sales service, and pricing.

Lexfas is one of the leading companies in designing and manufacturing pre-engineered steel frames in Vietnam. The company has experienced engineers and a professional staff team, high-quality materials and equipment. The company also commits to providing excellent after-sales service to customers.

If you are considering choosing a company to design and construct pre-engineered steel frame restaurants, Lexfas is a good and reliable choice. Please contact Lexfas’ team of engineers for free consultation on designing and constructing beautiful pre-engineered steel frame restaurants.


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