Production of stainless steel stirring tanks

Stainless steel stirring tanks are increasingly being used in many industries. Lexfas specializes in producing high-quality stainless steel stirring tanks at affordable prices. To learn more about the functions and structure of stainless steel stirring tanks, please follow the article below.

Applications of stainless steel stirring tanks

The main function of stainless steel stirring tanks is to stir or mix liquids, powders, or other mixtures. Some typical applications of stainless steel stirring tanks include:

Food and beverage industry: Stainless steel stirring tanks are used to mix the components of various foods and beverages such as milk, beer, wine, soft drinks, ice cream, spices, etc.

Pharmaceutical industry: Stainless steel stirring tanks are used to mix the ingredients of various syrups, medicines, dietary supplements, etc.

Chemical industry: Stainless steel stirring tanks are used to stir, mix, and blend chemicals, including detergents, solvents, etc.

Cosmetics industry: Stainless steel stirring tanks are used to mix the components of cosmetic products such as moisturizers, body washes, shampoos, etc.

Manufacturing industry: Stainless steel stirring tanks are used in various production processes to mix mixtures, liquids, and powders to create different products such as paint, electroplating, adhesive, resin, pigment, etc.

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The structure of an stainless steel stirring tank

An stainless steel stirring tank is composed of the following main components:

  • Tank body: This is the main part of the stainless steel agitating tank, made of stainless steel to ensure hygiene and durability during use.
  • Agitating system: It is responsible for mixing the raw materials. The agitating system consists of a stirring shaft and stirring blades mounted on the shaft. The blades can be designed with various shapes to suit different types of liquids or mixtures.
  • Control system: It helps to control the stirring speed, operating time, and other parameters of the stainless steel agitating tank.
  • Pumping system, pipelines, and valves: They are installed to deliver liquids into and out of the stainless steel agitating tank.

Benefits of using an stainless steel stirring tank

The application of an stirring tank in production brings practical benefits such as:

  • Saving time, effort, and costs: Compared to manually stirring or mixing raw materials, the stainless steel agitating tank will speed up the mixing process. As a result, work efficiency is improved, and labor costs are reduced.
  • Ensuring product quality: The stainless steel stirring tank evenly stirs and mixes the ingredients without layer separation or changes in quality.
  • Ensuring safety for operators: The stainless steel stirringtank is designed according to technical standards to prevent liquid from leaking or overflowing. It ensures absolute safety for users.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: The stainless steel stirring tank is made of non-corrosive stainless steel, making it easy to clean and maintain, while ensuring food safety.
  • Long service life: The stainless steel stirring tank has a long service life and can withstand harsh environments, ensuring long-term use and reducing maintenance costs.

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Lexfas produces high-quality, affordable stainless steel mixing tanks

Lexfas specializes in designing, constructing, and manufacturing various types of customized stainless steel mixing tanks. When choosing stainless steel mixing equipment at Lexfas, customers will be completely satisfied with the quality products, cost optimization, and professional customer care services.

Lexfas’ high-quality products come in various models

The Lexfas stainless steel mixing tanks are made from premium-grade materials to ensure outstanding durability, anti-oxidation/corrosion resistance, and superior beauty. The experienced team of engineers and skilled craftsmen at Lexfas, along with modern workshop machinery, ensures that the stainless steel mixing equipment is manufactured to the highest technical standards. Welding is carried out according to approved WPS/PQR welding procedures, and the welders have international 3G and 4G welding certificates.

Furthermore, to best meet the needs of customers, Lexfas offers a variety of stainless steel mixing tank models with diverse capacities and power options on the market.

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Reasonable pricing

In order to optimize costs for investors, Lexfas offers a special offer on high-quality stainless steel agitator tanks. Please contact our hotline 0944 012 188 for accurate pricing.

Delivery to your location

With the desire to bring the most convenience to customers, Lexfas supports nationwide delivery of agitator tanks quickly and directly to your location. We also provide installation and detailed instructions to ensure efficient operation.

Professional and attentive customer service

Lexfas provides a transparent and clear warranty policy to protect the interests of customers. Our consulting team is always ready to receive information and provide attentive advice to ensure the best possible customer experience.


These are the details about our high-quality stainless steel agitator tanks and the reasons why customers should choose Lexfas. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our agitator tank manufacturing services, please do not hesitate to contact Lexfas at the address below for timely support and consultation.


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Phone: 0243 950 3568- 0944 012 188



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