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A goods lift is a specialized device used to transport goods between floors in factories, warehouses, workshops, and other similar settings. Lexfas specializes in manufacturing goods lifts that ensure technical safety and durability. In the following article, Lexfas invites you to learn more about the functions and structure of goods lifts, as well as the reasons to choose Lexfas for your goods lift needs.

Practical benefits of using a lift

Before the advent of goods lifts, people had to manually handle and transport goods between floors, or with the assistance of pulleys. This not only consumed a lot of time and energy but also posed many risks such as injuries, damaged goods due to falling or collisions. Furthermore, for bulky or heavy goods, transporting them by human or pulley power was almost impossible.

Goods lifts were invented to solve the problem of transporting goods within factories, warehouses, construction sites, etc. With the ability to automatically lift and lower, flexibility, and the ability to withstand heavy loads, goods lifts provide the following benefits:

  • Maximum time and effort savings in the process of transporting goods, increasing work productivity, and reducing labor costs for investors.
  • Minimizing the risk of injury from carrying heavy loads, ensuring labor safety.
  • Saving space in workshops, as goods lifts are designed to be suitable for narrow or difficult-to-access spaces.

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Structure of the lift

Basically, the structure of a freight elevator consists of:

Elevator shaft: The elevator shaft for freight elevators is typically the same height as the building, extending continuously from top to bottom. The machine room is not always necessary, as some types of freight elevators do not require a machine room.

  • In cases where there is a machine room, the pit will be located under the floor of the lowest level and below ground level.
  • In cases where there is no machine room, the pit will be located at the top of the elevator shaft.

Counterweight and cabin: The cabin is used to transport goods (sometimes people). The counterweight moves in the opposite direction of the cabin and can move up/down even when it doesn’t contain goods or people.

Guide rails: Installed continuously along the elevator shaft, they direct the counterweight and cabin to move vertically within the elevator shaft.

Control panel: Consists of pre-programmed electrical and electronic devices, responsible for ensuring that the elevator operates stably according to user control.

Hoist motor: Installed above the elevator shaft and connected to the counterweight through cables. This component affects the stability and speed of movement of the freight elevator.

Floor doors and cabin doors: Responsible for opening and closing every time the elevator reaches a floor level, ensuring safety at the highest level.

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Lexfas constructs and manufactures high quality lifts

If you are looking for a reliable and professional manufacturer of cargo lifts, Lexfas is the top choice! We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing cargo lifts for warehouses, factories, and storage facilities. With thousands of successful projects completed, Lexfas is confident in delivering the most satisfying experience for our partners and customers.

The outstanding advantages of Lexfas cargo lifts

  • Outstanding durability: Lexfas lifts are made from high-quality materials to ensure stability, certainty, and effective anti-rust – corrosion. The structure of the ladder is carefully calculated and studied to ensure the best operation.
  • Wide range of loads: In order to best meet the needs of customers, Lexfas manufactures many models of lifts with loads from 100kg to several tons.
  • Absolute safety assurance: The team of experienced engineers, skilled construction workers at Lexfas and modern factory system ensure that the elevator equipment is manufactured and installed in accordance with safety standards. full technical.

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Lexfas’s commitment

  • Competitive pricing: To optimize costs for investors, Lexfas offers the market a range of goods of freight elevators at super preferential prices. Please contact the hotline 0944 012 188 for accurate advice and pricing.
  • Fast installation: Lexfas supports transportation and installation of freight elevators according to customer requirements.
  • Long-term warranty policy: Lexfas provides transparent and clear warranty policies to protect customer rights.


Hopefully, the information shared in the article has helped you understand more about freight elevator equipment. Investors and contractors interested in Lexfas’s freight elevator production services or any questions that need to be answered, please contact Lexfas at the address below for timely support and advice!


Headquarters: No. 13A26, Alley 367, Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Phone: 0243 950 3568- 0944 012 188



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