Production and construction of industrial equipment

In the context of strong industrialization and modernization efforts, industrial equipment is increasingly asserting its important role in many fields such as mining, manufacturing, processing, construction, etc. Lexfas specializes in industrial equipment installation and production, ensuring superior performance, high-quality, and optimal cost.

The importance of industrial equipment

Industrial equipment is constantly being researched, manufactured and improved with the following tasks:

Increasing production efficiency, saving time and labor: Machinery and equipment are capable of working continuously for long periods of time with stable performance. In particular, automated production lines allow for mass production and processing of products in a short period of time.

Enhancing professionalism, improving product quality: Compared to traditional manual production methods, industrial equipment will help minimize errors and ensure consistent product quality.

Reducing production costs, increasing profits: Thanks to machinery and industrial equipment, work efficiency is increased while labor costs are reduced. In addition, product costs are optimized, thereby increasing competitiveness compared to competitors.

Supporting and replacing humans in performing dangerous and toxic tasks: Industrial equipment uses automation/artificial intelligence technology with the ability to perform activities in environments that humans cannot access or work in for long periods of time (geological exploration, environments with toxic gases/dust, etc.).

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What does industrial equipment include?

With the diversity of industries as well as the remarkable development of science and technology, there are increasingly many types of industrial machines and equipment being born. Based on the purpose of use, industrial equipment can be divided into several main groups as follows:

Production equipment: used in the production line of building materials, mechanical equipment, consumer goods, etc. Some common types of machinery include lathes, milling machines, cutting machines, pressing machines, welding machines, cement mixers, etc.

Measurement and inspection equipment: has the function of supporting the measurement of important parameters in the production process such as pressure, temperature, humidity, accuracy, etc. Thanks to that, the product meets the quality standards set out. Measurement and inspection equipment includes temperature measuring devices, pressure measuring devices, humidity measuring devices, etc.

Transportation equipment: is responsible for transporting products in the production process such as conveyor belts, cranes, forklifts, elevators, etc.

Maintenance equipment: helps to minimize the risk of machinery and industrial lines breaking down. Maintenance equipment can include specialized grease pumps, industrial cooling towers, etc.

Industrial cleaning equipment: helps save time and effort for cleaning factories, workshops, etc. Some popular industrial cleaning machines include factory dust collectors, floor cleaning machines, etc.

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Lexfas specializes in manufacturing and constructing industrial equipment

Lexfas specializes in designing and manufacturing industrial equipment such as industrial tanks (chemical tanks, gas-oil tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, etc.), material silos and hoppers, cargo lifts, hoists, cranes, etc.

With a team of experienced engineers, skilled craftsmen, and a large-scale workshop system, Lexfas ensures that the industrial equipment construction process is carried out on schedule. All industrial equipment undergoes strict supervision processes, meets all technical safety standards, and is certified to international quality standards.

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With the desire to optimize costs for investors and contractors, Lexfas offers super preferential quotes for industrial equipment. Please contact our hotline at +84 243 950 3568 or +84 944 012 188 for consultation and quick quotes.

Moreover, when choosing industrial equipment at Lexfas, customers will experience the leading professional customer care process. We commit to:

  • Always ready to receive and support customers 24/7.
  • Transport industrial equipment to the site and provide full installation services.
  • Provide clear information on warranty and maintenance policies to customers.
  • Offer flexible payment policies for maximum convenience.


Whope that through this article, customers will be assured to choose industrial equipment at Lexfas. For detailed product consultation and answers to any related questions, please contact Lexfas at the address below.


Headquarters: No. 13A26, Alley 367, Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Phone: 0243 950 3568- 0944 012 188



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