Prefabricated steel house cafe

In recent years, pre-engineered steel frame cafe designs have been a prominent trend chosen by many cafe owners. This article will help you better understand the appeal of steel frame cafes and why you should choose Lexfas as the design-construction unit for your pre-engineered steel frame cafe.

Prominent advantages of pre-engineered steel frame cafes 

Quick construction and cost savings

The components of the pre-engineered steel frame cafe are designed and manufactured at the factory, then transported to the construction site and assembled. The process is fast, saving time compared to traditional construction methods. Additionally, the steel frame structure is produced on modern technology production lines, somewhat reducing production costs.

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High aesthetic value

Pre-engineered steel frame cafes allow architects and owners to vary the design in many different styles. Depending on the aesthetic taste and creativity, you can design and decorate your cafe in a modern, minimalistic, vintage, or classic style. This will create a unique personality for your cafe and is an important factor in attracting customers.

Lexfas provides full-service design and construction of pre-engineered steel frame coffee shops at affordable prices

Lexfas is a leading reputable company in the field of design and construction of residential and commercial steel structures. When choosing Lexfas as a partner for designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame coffee shops, customers can be assured of absolute satisfaction due to the professional working process, guaranteed quality, and optimal cost.

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Lexfas commits to:

  • An experienced team of engineers, workers, and modern machinery ensure that the construction process of pre-engineered steel frame coffee shops is carried out on schedule.
  • Quality is always given top priority. All components of pre-engineered steel frame coffee shops are produced on modern production lines, meeting international quality standards. Along with that, the construction process is closely monitored by Lexfas’s quality management team.
  • Optimized quotation for designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame coffee shops, depending on the specific project, Lexfas will advise and provide detailed construction prices.
  • Transparent contract signing, ensuring the rights and benefits of all parties involved.
  • Lexfas’s consulting team is always ready to receive information and support customers 24/7.

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Design and Construction Quotation Process for Prefabricated Steel Cafe at Lexfas

In order to provide convenience, save time, and effort for all parties, Lexfas has established a specific process for designing and constructing prefabricated steel cafes, as follows:

Receiving requests and conducting site surveys: After receiving the customer’s request, Lexfas will directly visit the site to survey the current condition and measure the expected size.

Planning the design: Based on the customer’s requirements and actual conditions, Lexfas will plan the design of the prefabricated steel cafe, including factors such as style, area, materials, colors, interior design, and more.

Calculating costs: After completing the design, Lexfas will calculate the costs for the construction process, provide a quotation to the customer, and address any concerns (if any). The construction quotation includes costs for materials, labor, machinery, transportation, safety equipment, and more.

Agreement and contract signing: After agreeing on the design, quotation, and timeline, Lexfas and the customer will proceed to sign a contract.

Construction process: After signing the contract, Lexfas will commence construction of the prefabricated steel cafe according to the agreed design and contract.


Prefabricated steel cafes have been, are, and will continue to be a cost-effective choice for investors. If you have a need for designing and constructing a prefabricated steel cafe, please contact Lexfas for timely advice and support!


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