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Technology is increasingly advanced, and people always want to find products that improve efficiency and reduce time. In the construction industry, ALC wall panels are a new breakthrough that saves labor, time, and improves the quality of the structures that people produce. So, to know the outstanding advantages of ALC – AAC panels, please refer to the following sharing from Lexfas.

The outstanding advantages of ALC – AAC panels

Nowadays, AAC bricks have been developed into panels with larger sizes and reinforced steel cores to increase the load-bearing capacity of structures. Steel-reinforced panels are strong and sturdy and can be used in areas such as floors, roofs, walls, and foundations.

Lightweight, cost-saving structure

ALC – AAC panels are lightweight, with a dry bulk density of only 450-750 kg/m3, equivalent to 1/2 solid bricks and 1/3 regular concrete. Projects using panel systems allow for reduced building loads and a 10-15% reduction in structural costs compared to traditional brick construction.


Quick installation

Projects that use ALC – AAC panels save construction time, reduce labor costs, and save construction costs. The panels have tongue and groove joints, making assembly easier, and the structure more robust, ensuring higher quality of the construction. The steel-reinforced wall panels replace solid bricks, conventional cement brick materials.

Good load-bearing capacity of ALC – AAC panels

SCL’s ALC – AAC panels use reinforced steel with anti-corrosion paint with a diameter of 4-8 mm to increase the load-bearing capacity of the product, improving the ability to withstand shock and is recommended for use in earthquake-prone areas.

High fire resistance: The raw materials used in the production of SCL’s concrete air bricks are mostly inorganic substances, with superior fire resistance compared to traditional materials – non-flammable, helping projects that use ALC – AAC panels have a slower heating rate and a limit of 240 minutes of fire resistance (EI 240 minutes).

Flexible in production and environmentally friendly

The process of producing non-emitting concrete products and minimizing waste released into the environment. The main raw material used in production is fly ash, which is waste from thermal power plants, helping to protect the environment. The product structure has millions of super small air holes that regulate air, making the house warm in winter, cool in summer, and saving energy for the house.

Practical application of ALC – AAC panel

Used for roofs: ALC – AAC panels can replace heat-resistant bricks, providing superior efficiency for hot summer days.


Used for constructing enclosing walls, partitions, door linings, and even flooring due to its excellent heat resistance.

It minimizes negative impacts from weather phenomena such as storms, earthquakes, etc. because ALC-AAC panels are lighter than traditional building materials like red brick and concrete, thus reducing property damage.

It is also suitable for buildings with high insulation requirements, such as warehouses and production plants, as the primary raw materials used to produce ALC-AAC panels are inorganic and non-combustible, giving them superior insulation and fire resistance.

Lexfas – supplier of quality ALC – AAC panels

Lexfas is a reputable supplier of high-quality ALC-AAC panels in Vietnam. We specialize in producing, importing, and distributing high-quality building materials that meet technical standards and environmental safety.

Our ALC-AAC panels are manufactured using advanced technology and rigorous production processes to ensure high durability, soundproofing, insulation, and heat resistance. We also provide consulting, design, construction, and installation services for projects that use ALC-AAC panels.


In addition to ALC-AAC panels, we also supply other building materials such as cemboard panels, concrete tPanels, and related accessories. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and the best services to meet their building needs.


LEXFAS has provided the most useful information about ALC-AAC panels. It is clear that panels are the optimal material for construction projects in today’s development era. If you intend to use ALC-AAC panels for your upcoming construction projects, come to us for free consultation and quick resolution at:


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