Manufacture of gantry cranes

Gantry crane is a device used to transport goods, equipment and materials at factories, industrial parks, construction sites, docks,… Lexfas specializes in designing – constructing and manufacturing gantry cranes with commitment: prestige, professionalism, optimal cost. To learn more about the function, structure, and classification of gantry cranes, please follow the article below.

Why is the gantry crane widely used?

The gantry crane is increasingly popular due to a number of outstanding advantages such as:

  • Flexibility: The gantry crane is a completely mobile device. Users can move the crane gate quickly and easily from one location to another. In addition, with unlimited lifting height, the crane gate can be used indoors and outdoors, operating effectively in all weather conditions.
  • Easy installation: Typically, the gantry crane is constructed from 3 main blocks: the main beam of the crane gate is one block, the side beam is one block, and the crane gate foot is one block. These blocks are connected to each other by high-strength load-bearing bolts, making them easy to transport, dismantle and assemble.
  • Cost optimization: Compared to forklifts or cranes, the investment and installation costs of gantry cranes are lower while still ensuring a variety of purposes.

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Structure of the gantry crane

An overhead crane has a gate-like shape with two vertical legs and a horizontal beam that spans across, capable of operating within a range of movement and required clearance.

The structure of an overhead crane consists of two main components: the steel structure and the supporting equipment.

Steel structure: is the load-bearing component that serves as the frame for the entire equipment and cargo. The steel structure includes:

  • Main beam: with a steel structure, in a box shape with a protruding part and a trolley carried out in the main span.
  • End beam (crane end beam).
  • Legs (A-shape).
  • Accessories: handrails, operating platforms, rail clips, etc.

The steel structure of the overhead crane is made from various imported steel plates and sections, such as SS400, Q345B, etc. Mechanical components such as shafts, bearings, moving wheels, rigid joints, and flexible joints are made from C45, L55, G65 alloy steel according to Vietnamese standards and surface-hardened.

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Supporting equipment: helps lift, move cargo within the allowed range. The supporting equipment includes:

  • Lifting hoist: depending on the gantry crane, a compatible single/double girder hoist will be used.
  • Power supply system: supplies power to the hoist and gantry crane throughout the running length. Gantry crane classification.

Classification of gantry cranes

Gantry cranes can be classified based on their structure, function, and actual load capacity. Among them, the classification based on structure is the most common. According to the structure, they can be divided into:

Single-girder gantry crane

A single-girder gantry crane (one-beam gantry crane) is a lifting device with one main beam that moves on fixed rails placed on the ground. This type of gantry crane usually has an A-frame support structure and is used to transport lightweight or medium-weight materials in warehouses or manufacturing plants.

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Double-girder gantry crane

A double-girder gantry crane (two-beam gantry crane, double girder gantry crane) is designed with two parallel beams connected together through bolts with the end beam. The equipment has the ability to handle extremely large loads. Compared to single-girder gantry cranes, double-girder gantry cranes can achieve much higher capacity, lifting height, and speed.

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Lexfas manufactures gantry cranes with high quality and good price

Lexfas specializes in the construction and manufacturing of gantry cranes with a commitment to: prioritizing quality, optimal cost, and professional working process.

High-quality products: The crane gate equipment at Lexfas is made from premium materials that can withstand heavy loads. To best meet the needs of customers, Lexfas offers a variety of product lines with diverse load capacities, spans, and lifting heights. Our team of experienced engineers and skilled craftsmen, along with our modern workshop system, ensure that our crane gate equipment is produced according to the highest technical safety standards. The welding joints are carried out according to approved WPS/PQR welding procedures, and our welders hold international 3G and 4G welding certifications.

Affordable prices: In order to optimize costs for investors, Lexfas offers super discount crane gate quotes. Please contact our hotline 0944 012 188 for accurate advice and pricing.

Long-term warranty policy: Lexfas provides a transparent and clear warranty policy to protect our customers’ rights.

Dedicated consultation: Our team of consultants at Lexfas is always ready to receive information and provide dedicated advice to help customers have the most satisfying experience.


We hope that the information shared in this article has helped you better understand crane gate equipment. Investors and contractors interested in Lexfas’ gantry cranes production services or have any questions that need to be answered, please contact Lexfas at the address below for timely consultation and support!


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