Manufacture of cranes

Crane is a device that supports lifting, lowering, and moving heavy and bulky loads in warehouses. With cranes, the process of loading and unloading goods can be done quickly and efficiently. Lexfas specializes in producing high-quality cranes at a super affordable price.

In the following article, Lexfas invites you to learn more about the structure and common types of cranes today.

Structure of the crane

The crane structure consists of main parts such as:

  • Main girder
  • End girder
  • Crane wheel
  • Factory column, running girder
  • Specialized rail track (using P11, P15, P18, P24, P30, P38, and P43 steel rails)
  • Shock absorber
  • Crane movement engine
  • Trolley movement engine
  • Lifting and lowering part: Electric wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist or trolley carrying goods
  • Goods hoist
  • Crane control system
  • Electrical system for cranes

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Classification of overhead cranes

There are many different ways to classify overhead cranes, and the most common way is based on the beam structure. Accordingly, overhead cranes are divided into two basic types: single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.

Single girder overhead crane

Also known as a one-girder overhead crane, this is a commonly used type of overhead crane with a working load range from 0.5 to 20 tons, with a span of 3 to 20m or more.

The cross-section of a single girder crane is in the form of a box or an I-beam shape used for the trolley to move underneath the girder (trolley hoist) and move underneath the crane girder.

  • The crane girder with a box-shaped cross-section has vertical ribs and wall panels to increase stiffness and stability.
  • The crane girder with an I-shaped cross-section needs to have stiffening ribs on the bottom flange of the girder in case of hot-rolled I-beams that are not strong enough to withstand loads.

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Double girder crane

The double girder crane, also known as a 2-beam crane, consists of two identical girders placed parallel to each other, connected perpendicularly by bolts to the bridge girders, and are equally loaded.

The double girder crane is considered to have more advantages compared to a single girder crane. Specifically, the double girder crane has a more stable structure and is less prone to vibrations during operation. The load capacity of the double girder crane can be up to hundreds or thousands of tons (for power plants or shipyards). The clearance of the double girder crane is larger than that of the single girder crane, and the lifting height of the equipment is not limited.

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Benefits of using a crane

Cranes possess a series of advantages such as:

Flexibility and easy adjustment: The crane can operate in many positions, and users can easily adjust it to suit the characteristics of the project.

High productivity: The crane saves time and effort in moving goods, thereby optimizing work efficiency. For factories with many obstacles on the ground, the crane can still operate normally, minimizing the risk of product damage from collisions during transportation, unlike other lifting equipment.

Cost savings: The crane helps save labor and equipment costs as it can replace a large number of personnel and machinery for handling heavy loads. In particular, high-quality crane equipment does not require too much maintenance costs compared to other lifting equipment.

Safety assurance: The crane helps improve labor safety, which is also an important criterion for its high evaluation.

With the above benefits, the crane can be applied in any industry that needs to move heavy loads such as automobile manufacturing and assembly, processing, chemicals, printing, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, as well as widely used in warehouses, ports, train stations, and docks, etc.

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Lexfas produces high-quality and competitively-priced overhead cranes

We specialize in designing and installing industrial equipment for manufacturing, processing, and transportation. Our range of overhead cranes includes single-girder and double-girder options with various load capacities.

Lexfas Commitment:

  • Prioritizing product quality: A team of experienced engineers, a team of skilled construction workers at Lexfas and a modern factory system ensure that crane equipment is manufactured according to safety standards. technique.
    Preferential price: In order to optimize costs for investors, Lexfas offers super preferential crane quotes. Partners please contact hotline 0944 012 188 for advice and accurate quotation.
    Fast transportation and installation: Lexfas supports the transportation and installation of cranes at the construction site.
    Long-term warranty policy: Lexfas offers a transparent and clear warranty policy to help protect the interests of customers.


If you are interested in overhead cranes, please contact Lexfas at the address below for timely and helpful support.


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