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Currently, the design and construction of pre-engineered steel frame factories are increasingly chosen by many investors. With the desire to bring high-quality designs and contribute to cost optimization for the project owners, Lexfas provides pre-engineered steel frame factory design services with a commitment to professionalism, credibility, and reasonable cost. Below, let’s explore the advantages of pre-engineered steel frame factories as well as the reasons to choose Lexfas as the cooperative unit for designing the factory.

Why are pre-engineered steel frame factories becoming more popular?

A pre-engineered steel frame factory is a factory with a structure made mainly from steel materials and installed based on technical architectural drawings. Therefore, it not only saves construction and installation time but also reduces costs for the project owners. Specifically:

Time and cost savings

According to calculations from experts, constructing a pre-engineered steel frame factory can save up to 30% of the cost compared to traditional reinforced concrete methods.

Due to the standardized production process of pre-engineered steel frames, materials in areas with less stress in the main frame components will be reduced. Additionally, because the entire structure of the steel factory (columns, beams, rafters, purlins, etc.) is manufactured and processed at the factory according to the drawings, the installation process is also carried out quickly and simply. The construction progress is accelerated, thereby optimizing labor costs for project owners.

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High durability

Pre-engineered steel frames are designed to withstand heavy loads and pressures. Pre-engineered steel frame factories can withstand all harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, wind, storms, etc. Moreover, the galvanized steel material prevents corrosion, significantly increasing the strength of the structure.

Easy maintenance and repair

Pre-engineered steel frame factories have a simple structure, providing convenience for the maintenance and repair process. If necessary, steel frame parts can be easily replaced, saving time and repair costs.

In addition, flexibility is also a significant advantage of pre-engineered steel frame factories. When project owners intend to expand the scale of the factory or install it in a new location, pre-engineered steel frames can be quickly disassembled and 100% reused.

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Lexfas is a reputable and professional pre-engineered steel workshop design unit

With years of experience in designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame workshops, Lexfas ensures absolute customer satisfaction with a well-structured working process, competitive pricing, and dedicated customer service.

Lexfas provides pre-engineered steel frame workshop design services with the following commitments:

Optimized cost: Above all, we understand that cost is always one of the top concerns of investors. In order to bring the most practical benefits to our customers, Lexfas offers a very attractive design fee for pre-engineered steel frame workshops, starting from only 1.5% of the project value.

Guaranteed quality: The team of architects and engineers at Lexfas is highly professional and experienced, ensuring a quick and efficient design process. The drawings not only meet technical requirements but also fulfill the needs and desires of the customers.

Transparent contract: After reaching a mutual agreement, Lexfas and the customer will sign a contract to ensure the rights of both parties.

Dedicated consultation: The consultation team at Lexfas is always ready to receive information and support customers 24/7.

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Design process of pre-engineered steel factory in Lexfas

Lexfas’ pre-engineered steel workshop design process is outlined as follows:

Informtion gathering: Upon receiving the customer’s request, the Lexfas team conducts a survey of the actual situation (area, location, intended use, number of employees, load-bearing capacity, and other technical requirements).

Initial design: After gathering enough information, Lexfas creates an initial design drawing, including both architectural and steel structure drawings. This drawing will be used to evaluate the feasibility and cost of the project.

Feasibility assessment: Once the initial design drawing is available, Lexfas will assess the project’s feasibility, including evaluating the technical feasibility of the design, determining the load-bearing capacity and material requirements, and assessing the structure’s safety and durability.

Drawing modification: Based on the feasibility assessment, engineers will modify the initial design drawing to ensure the project’s feasibility and safety. This modified drawing will be used to provide a project quotation.

Project quotation: Lexfas provides a project quotation, including material, labor, equipment, and other costs related to pre-engineered steel workshop design and construction.

Detailed design implementation: After the customer accepts the quotation, Lexfas will carry out detailed design and technical calculations. This detailed design drawing will be used to produce pre-engineered steel components.


If you need pre-engineered steel workshop design and construction, please contact Lexfas for timely consultation and support!


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