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With a solid structure, cost and time-saving advantages, prefabricated steel buildings are currently one of the top choices for large-scale projects that require high durability such as factories, warehouses, and storage facilities. Lexfas specializes in turnkey construction of prefabricated steel workshop buildings at affordable prices. To learn more, please follow the article below!

Basic specifications for building prefabricated steel workshop buildings

The following specifications are the basis for determining the design, technical requirements, and construction cost of prefabricated steel workshop buildings:

Workshop dimensions:

  • Width: measured from the outer edge of the first wall to the outer edge of the second wall.
  • Length: measured from the outer edge of the first wall to the outer edge of the second wall from the perspective of the main door.
  • Height: measured from the column base to the roof purlin (junction between roof panel and wall panel).

Roof slope: this is a factor that affects the drainage of rainwater on the roof. Typically, the roof slope is taken as i = 15%.

Column spacing: the distance between columns along the length of the workshop. Column spacing is determined based on the length and intended use of the workshop.

Load capacity: The calculated load that affects the project includes static loads (weight of the workshop, machinery, and equipment) and dynamic loads (wind, earthquake, etc.). The load capacity needs to be accurately determined to ensure safety and durability of the workshop.

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Structure of pre-engineered steel frame factory

The pre-engineered steel frame factory structure is designed to ensure durability, stability, and safety of the building. The structure design must comply with technical standards and safety regulations in the construction industry, as well as meet customer requirements.

The pre-engineered steel frame factory structure consists of:

  • Main frame: This is the main component of the factory structure, designed as a pre-engineered steel frame consisting of columns, beams, purlins, etc. The main frame is responsible for bearing and transmitting the load from the top to the bottom of the factory.
  • Foundation system: including drilled piles, strip foundations, raft foundations, pad foundations, and other types of foundations. The foundation system is responsible for bearing the load from the main frame and transmitting the load to the ground.
  • Wall system: including corrugated iron sheets, sandwich panels, or similar materials to form the interior and exterior walls of the factory. The wall system needs to be designed to bear the load and increase the stability of the factory.
  • Roof system: consisting of corrugated iron sheets or similar materials to form a roof for the factory. In hot and humid weather conditions in Vietnam, the roof is usually equipped with an insulation layer made of air pockets or fiberglass wool to prevent heat and noise in the factory.
  • Main entrance and windows: including roller doors, sliding doors, windows, etc. to ensure air circulation and make the factory more airy.

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Pre-engineered steel frame factory construction process

The process of constructing a pre-engineered steel frame factory includes three basic steps:

  • Detailed design
  • Fabrication of steel components
  • Construction and assembly at the construction site

Compared to traditional reinforced concrete factory construction, the pre-engineered steel frame construction process shows significant improvements as the steel frame production and foundation construction processes are carried out in parallel. Specifically, the factory foundation is constructed on-site while the steel frame structure is fabricated at the factory. This helps accelerate the construction schedule and optimize time and cost for the owner

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Lexfas – a reputable and professional pre-engineered steel factory construction unit

Lexfas is a leading reputable company in the field of designing and constructing pre-engineered steel frame buildings. Choosing Lexfas, our clients will be completely satisfied!

Lexfas commits to:

  • Having an experienced team of engineers and skilled workers, as well as a modern system of machinery, to ensure that the construction process of pre-engineered steel buildings is carried out on schedule.
  • Prioritizing the quality of the construction, with all components of pre-engineered steel buildings produced on modern production lines to meet international quality standards. Additionally, the construction process is closely monitored by Lexfas’ quality management team.
  • Providing optimized cost estimates for designing and constructing steel buildings according to the specific project.
  • Signing transparent contracts to ensure the rights of all parties.
  • Providing 24/7 support from our consulting team.


If you have a need for designing and constructing pre-engineered steel buildings, please contact Lexfas for timely advice and support!


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