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In recent years, prefabricated houses have become increasingly popular due to their diverse designs, low cost, and ease of construction. Lexfas is a company specializing in the design, construction, and construction of custom prefabricated houses. Below, let’s learn more about the structure of prefabricated houses as well as their outstanding advantages.

The structure of a prefabricated house

A prefabricated house is a type of house that is built from pre-manufactured parts or modules and assembled at a construction site or site. These parts are usually plywood panels, steel frames, concrete panels or other similar a type of house built from pre-manufactured parts or modules that are assembled at the construction site. These parts are usually made from materials such as plywood, steel frames, concrete panels, or similar materials.

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The basic structure of a prefabricated house includes:

  • Framework (beams, columns, purlins): the main load-bearing component of the prefabricated house, typically made of materials such as C-shaped steel, steel tubes.
  • Partition walls, room dividers: made from soundproof and thermal insulation materials such as lightweight corrugated steel sheets or cement fiber boards.
  • Roofing: requires good waterproofing. Prefabricated house roofing usually uses galvanized steel sheets, bitumen tiles, PVC-coated tiles, etc.
  • Doors and windows: typically made of wood, steel-core plastic, aluminum and glass, or panel doors.
  • Hurricane bracing: ensures absolute safety for the building and occupants.
  • Gutter system: installed near the roof area, with the function of directing water outwards to keep the interior space of the house dry.

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Why prefabricated houses are becoming more and more popular?

Currently, building prefabricated houses is the option chosen by many project owners, because:

Fast construction

The components of prefabricated houses are manufactured at factories, saving time and reducing material waste compared to on-site construction. In addition, the owner can proactively control the quality of the construction.

Cost savings

Prefabricated houses are built quickly, helping to speed up the completion progress and optimize labor costs. According to calculations by experts, building a prefabricated house can save up to 30% per square meter compared to building a concrete and steel house. For just a few tens or hundreds of millions, you can own a desired prefabricated house!

Diverse designs

Along with the richness of materials and the creativity of architects, the design of prefabricated houses is also flexible, meeting all the needs of the owner.

High flexibility

Prefabricated houses are assembled from different modules. Therefore, when the owner needs to dismantle, expand or move the house to another location, the modules can be easily disassembled, changed or reassembled.

Environmentally friendly

Constructing a prefabricated house helps to reduce dust, waste and noise compared to using traditional building materials such as cement, sand, stone, etc. This not only contributes to protecting the environment but also ensures that the construction process does not affect the surrounding area.

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With a series of advantages mentioned above, prefab houses are applied in many construction projects such as factories, warehouses, resorts, villas, homestays or ordinary houses.

Lexfas specializes in professional design, construction and assembly of prefabricated houses

Lexfas is a reputable leading company in the field of design, construction, and assembly of prefabricated houses. When collaborating with Lexfas, customers will be completely satisfied!

Lexfas commits to:

  • An experienced team of engineers, skilled construction workers, and a modern machinery system that ensures the process of designing, constructing, and assembling prefabricated houses is on schedule.
  • Ensuring that the quality of the construction is always a top priority. All components of the prefabricated house are produced on modern technology assembly lines, meeting quality standards. Additionally, the construction process is closely monitored by Lexfas’s quality management team.
  • Offering optimal design and construction pricing for the client, depending on the specific project, Lexfas will provide detailed construction quotations and advice.
  • Transparent contract signing, ensuring the rights and benefits of all parties involved.
  • A consulting team at Lexfas is always available to receive information and support customers 24/7.


If you are interested in the services of designing, constructing, and building modular houses, please contact Lexfas at the following address for timely consultation and support!


Headquarters: No. 13A26, Alley 367, Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Nghia Tan Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Phone: 0243 950 3568- 0944 012 188



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