Design and construction of mobile steel buildings

Mobile steel buildings feature a unique design that can be easily installed and dismantled. They can be lifted and moved anywhere you want using a crane. The design and construction of mobile steel homes is a complex process, but the construction is also very flexible and can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. For more information about mobile steel homes, please refer to the article below.

Outstanding architectural features of mobile steel homes

Mobile steel homes are a type of house that provides optimal cost solutions, with fast construction time, and high profitability for investors. Thanks to its simple structure and modern architecture, architects can easily come up with ideas and implement them more easily than with traditional concrete houses, especially for projects that prioritize construction time and quick return on investment.

Steel structure: Steel homes are built with sturdy steel structures that ensure stability and long-lasting durability of the house.
Flexible design: Steel homes can be designed in various shapes and sizes to suit the user’s needs.

Mobility: Mobile steel homes are designed to be easily moved or relocated to different locations to meet the user’s needs.

Fast construction time: Mobile steel homes can be built in a short period of time compared to traditional houses.

Low construction cost: Due to optimized design and construction processes, the cost of building mobile steel homes is usually lower than that of traditional houses.

Environmentally friendly: Building steel homes does not generate too much waste or environmental pollution. Therefore, this type of house is considered a green and eco-friendly solution.

The process of constructing a mobile steel house at Lexfas

As a reputable design and construction unit, a clear and transparent working process, cost, material origin, and contract with the investor are necessary. Identifying these factors helps to reduce risks in bidding or ensures that the executing unit has sufficient construction capacity.

The construction process of a mobile steel house is a factor that helps customers evaluate the credibility of the construction unit. Among the construction contractors in the market today, Lexfas is a unit that applies the standard construction process, providing durable and high-quality houses. Currently, Lexfas is highly rated and appreciated by many satisfied customers.

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The process of constructing a mobile steel house at Lexfas includes the following main steps:

Receiving customer’s requirements: Lexfas engineers will receive customer’s requirements to advise and provide a suitable design solution based on the customer’s usage needs and budget.

Architectural and structural design: After fully understanding the customer’s needs, Lexfas engineers will proceed with designing the architecture and structure of the house.

Steel structure production: The steel structure of the house will be manufactured at Lexfas’ factory with advanced production processes and modern machinery, ensuring quality and time-saving in the construction process.

Transportation and installation of steel structure: When the steel structure is fully manufactured, it will be transported to the construction site and installed according to the design. The installation process will be carried out quickly and accurately to ensure stability and safety for the house.

Interior finishing and equipment installation: After the steel structure is installed, interior finishing and equipment installation will be completed, such as doors, stairs, floors, walls, ceilings, electrical and water systems.

Inspection and handover: Finally, Lexfas engineers will carry out a thorough inspection of all items and hand over the house to the customer.

Depending on the scale and design of the house, the process of constructing a mobile steel house may take from a few weeks to a few months. However, thanks to the experience and expertise of the team of engineers and workers, the construction process at Lexfas is carried out quickly and with high quality.


The factor that contributes to the quality of the construction cannot be overlooked the professional team of architects, engineers, and skilled workers. LEXFAS – a unit with a highly specialized personnel team operating for many years, implementing many steel and mobile home projects will be the best choice for investors. If customers have a need to build a mobile steel house, please contact us immediately through the following information for free consultation.


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