Construction and assembly of prefab homestay

Construction and assembly of prefabricated homestays is currently the best innovative building solution in tourist areas. Building prefabricated homestays brings many benefits to the tourism industry, including diverse and unique spaces, attractive and eye-catching designs that meet the needs of both customers and investors. In this article, let’s learn about prefabricated homestays with Lexfas.

Learn about assembling prefabricated homestays

A prefabricated homestay is a type of house that is pre-manufactured by producing individual components separately, which are then transported to the construction site and assembled to create a complete house.

The components of prefabricated houses are usually produced in factories or production workshops, with strict supervision to ensure the quality and accuracy of each part. Then, these parts are transported to the construction site, where they are assembled to form a complete house.

Prefabricated homestays have many advantages such as saving time, costs, and labor compared to traditional construction methods, while also providing flexibility for owners in designing and renovating.

Advantages of assembling a prefabricated homestay

Time-saving: Prefabricated homestays are manufactured in factories or production workshops beforehand, which helps to minimize construction time on site. This can save a lot of time compared to traditional construction.

Cost-saving: Manufacturing prefabricated homestays in factories or production workshops also helps to reduce production and transportation costs compared to traditional construction. Therefore, the cost of prefabricated homestays is usually lower than traditional houses.

Flexible design: Prefabricated homestays are produced from separate components, allowing homeowners to be flexible in designing and customizing to meet their needs. Homeowners can easily change the size, shape, and style of the house to fit their functional and aesthetic requirements.

Sustainable and high-quality: Prefabricated homestays are made from high-quality materials, ensuring sustainability and long-lasting durability. The parts of the house are manufactured with high precision and undergo strict quality checks to ensure safety and durability.

Easy maintenance and repair: Because prefabricated homestays are made from separate components, maintenance and repair are also easier than traditional houses. Homeowners can easily replace damaged parts without having to destroy the surrounding area.

nhà tiền chế homestay

Planning for construction and assembly of prefabricated homestay at LEXFAS

In order to provide convenience, time and effort savings for all parties involved, Lexfas has come up with a specific plan for the construction and assembly of prefabricated homestays, which includes the following steps:

Site survey and evaluation: First, a site survey and evaluation is needed to determine the natural conditions, size and shape of the land in order to plan the design and determine the necessary quantity and size of the components required for the prefabricated homestay.

Architectural design: Next, an architectural design is required for the prefabricated homestay, including layout, shape, color, and style. To ensure aesthetics and convenience for customers, you can refer to the prefabricated homestay designs that Lexfas has previously created.

Detailed design and component production: After completing the architectural design, detailed design and production of the necessary components for the prefabricated homestay is required.

Transportation and installation: Once the components are produced, they will be transported to the construction site. Here, the components will be assembled and put together to complete the prefabricated homestay. A detailed plan for the installation process, including schedule, necessary tools and equipment, should be developed.

Finishing and handover: After completion of the installation, the final details, such as painting, flooring, installation of furniture and other auxiliary works, should be finished. Once completed, Lexfas can hand over the prefabricated homestay to the customer.

During the process of planning for the construction and assembly of prefabricated homestays at Lexfas, it is recommended to contact the team of engineers and specialists at Lexfas for advice and support.

Why should you choose LEXFAS as your construction and assembly partner for prefab homestays?

LEXFAS is proud to be a leading, reputable design and construction firm for prefab homestays in Vietnam. We offer a range of services, from consulting and design to construction and installation, to clients throughout the country.

Experience and Expertise: LEXFAS specializes in the design and construction of prefabricated architectural structures, including prefab homestays. With our experience and expertise in this field, LEXFAS can ensure the quality and aesthetic appeal of your project.

Custom Design: LEXFAS provides custom design services, allowing you to tailor the details of your prefab homestay to suit your needs and desires.

Fast Construction Time: LEXFAS can quickly and efficiently construct your prefab homestay, saving you time and money during the building process.

Competitive Pricing: LEXFAS offers competitive pricing for our prefab homestay design and construction services, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment.

Customer Support: Our team of staff and experts at LEXFAS are always available to support you throughout the design, construction, and maintenance process, giving you peace of mind and confidence in choosing LEXFAS as your construction partner.


If you are looking for a reputable partner for the design and construction of prefab homestays, LEXFAS is a highly recommended option.

LEXFAS has a professional team of designers and builders who construct prefabricated houses under the close supervision of civil engineers to ensure quality in terms of technical aspects and drawing requirements. If you have a need for a prefab homestay, please contact us via the information provided below for a free consultation.”


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