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When the trend of using lightweight materials in construction is becoming increasingly popular, cemboard is also gradually receiving a lot of attention from Vietnamese users. However, for many people, this material is still relatively new. Therefore, in this article, Lexfas will summarize information about the composition, outstanding characteristics, and typical applications of cemboard in construction. Please follow along!

What is cemboard? Composition of cemboard

Cemboard is short for Cement Board. The main components of cemboard are Portland cement (70%), fine sand, wood chips/cellulose fibers, and some other inorganic compounds.

Based on the raw materials, cemboard is divided into two main types: wood chip cement board and cellulose fiber cement board.

Wood chip cement board: has the main components of cement, wood chips, and water. Wood chips combined with cement will create a unified and sturdy block. The identifying feature of this product line is its black-gray, smooth surface and yellow characteristic cut surface.

Cellulose fiber cement board: is a new generation of product created from cement and cellulose fibers. Cellulose fibers play an extremely important role in creating the flexibility and elasticity of cemboard. The product is produced on modern technology lines and has a characteristic milky white color.

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The outstanding advantages of cemboard plate

Cemboard plate integrates a series of outstanding advantages such as:

High durability: Cemboard sheet has high durability, can withstand strong pressure and impact. That is why cemboard sheets are widely used in projects that require high durability.

Good fire resistance: Cemboard sheet has extremely good fire resistance with a limit of fire resistance up to several hours. The material helps limit fire spread in case of unfortunate fire accidents.

Effective waterproofing: Cemboard plate has good waterproofing ability, not affected by moisture, especially suitable for hot and humid weather conditions in our country.

Termite and warp resistance: With the main component of cement, cemboard sheet has the ability to resist termites, insect infestation. The material is not shrunk, warped due to weather changes, ensuring long-term durability for the project.

Easy installation: Cemboard sheet has a lightweight, diverse size, bringing convenience for transportation and installation. From there, it contributes to saving time and effort for workers, pushing the construction progress, optimizing costs for investors.

Health and environmentally friendly: Cemboard plate does not contain asbestos or harmful additives, ensuring absolute safety for users’ health, and environmentally friendly.

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The applications of cemboard in construction projects

Cemboard has the ability to be flexibly applied in many construction projects, specifically:

As partition walls: Cemboard is suitable for use as partition walls inside or outside the house. Typically, cemboard partition walls have a thickness of 6-8mm. For indoor partition walls, a system of horizontal and vertical steel bars is necessary. For outdoor partition walls, box steel is required to make pillars.

As roofing: Maximizing its water resistance, cemboard is used to cover roofs to replace traditional concrete roofs. This method not only reduces the load on the foundation but also saves construction costs and shortens the construction schedule.

As flooring: With its ability to withstand heavy loads, cement board is the top choice for loft floors, faux concrete floors to replace traditional poured concrete.

As ceilings: With high aesthetics, absolute safety, and excellent waterproofing ability, cemboard is the prime candidate for ceiling cladding.

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Lexfas produces and distributes high-quality, affordable cemboard plates

Understanding the market demand, Lexfas produces and distributes cemboard plates with the following commitments:

  • Our products are manufactured on modern production lines to ensure premium quality.
  • We offer a wide variety of cemboard plate designs and sizes to best meet customer needs.
  • We provide fast and convenient nationwide delivery.
  • Our flexible payment and transparent warranty policies ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our dedicated team of consultants is available 24/7 to receive information, provide advice, and address any concerns.


We hope this article has provided useful information about cemboard sheets. If you are a construction owner or contractor in need of high-quality, affordable cemboard sheets, please contact Lexfas at the address below for prompt assistance and support!


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